New 'Fantastic Four' Videos Tease Science Behind Comic Book Fiction

Michael B. Jordan in 'Fantastic Four' Trailer - H 2015
"Science and fantasy aren't too far away from each other," says real-life physicist Michio Kaku.

The powers and concepts of Fox's Fantastic Four might seem extraordinary, but as four new featurettes released Friday reveal, they have their basis in contemporary scientific theory — well, maybe not the one where the guy turns into a massive pile of rocks, admittedly.

Real-life theoretical physicist Michio Kaku acts as host for the four videos, suggesting that the science on show in Josh Trank's reimagining of the Marvel Entertainment property is "more realistic than you might imagine." Under discussion are alternate dimensions, like those visited by Reed Richards and friends in the movie, as well as teleportation, wormholes and, as Sue Storm (Kate Mara) demonstrates in the movie, invisibility.

"Remember, science and fantasy aren't too far away from each other," Kaku adds at the end of each video. Which doesn't mean that we're necessarily any closer to watching Michael B. Jordan "flame on" for real, but surely it's only a matter of time.

Fantastic Four is released Aug. 7. Watch the four featurettes below.