New 'Garfield' Animated Movie in the Works

'Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties' (2006)
<p>The Monday-hating cat would also disapprove of the unfortunate pun used for his onscreen adaptation. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
Alcon acquired the rights from 'Garfield' creator Jim Davis, who will serve as an executive producer.

Hide the lasagna.

Alcon Entertainment, which is in preproduction on the sequel to Blade Runner, has picked up the rights to produce an animated adaptation of classic comic strip Garfield.

Alcon acquired the rights from Garfield creator Jim Davis, who will serve as an executive producer. The company’s goal is to turn the strip-turned-brand into a franchise of CG-animated films.

Garfield debuted in 1978, becoming a sensation in the 1980s as the strip took over best-seller lists in the form of collected books. Merchandising and cartoon specials followed. The strip holds the Guinness record for being the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world and is seen in 2,580 newspapers and journals, with an estimated readership of 260 million.

The character already hit the big-screen in the form of two live-action/CGI hybrids (2004's Garfield: The Movie and 2006's Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties) that featured Bill Murray as the voice of the cat.

The story revolves around a fat, lazy, lasagna-loving cat who never hides his contempt for his put-upon owner, Jon Arbuckle, and fellow pet Odie, a dim-witted dog.

John Cohen, producer of the films Despicable Me and the just-released The Angry Birds Movie, and Steven P. Wegner brought the project to Alcon. Cohen and Wegner will produce along with Alcon principals Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson. Bridget McMeel from Amuse will executive produce with Davis.