New 'Godzilla' Poster: How Big Is the Monster, Anyway?

A new look at this summer's reboot of the legendary movie monster has arrived -- which turns out to be bad news for San Francisco.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Legendary Pictures has released a new poster for this summer's big-screen reboot of Godzilla. While it might not be the full reveal of everyone's favorite mutant lizard that we've been waiting for, it's a nice reminder of just how big the monster is -- and just how much destruction he can cause.

Debuting via Yahoo! Movies in the U.S., the poster shows the back of the monster surrounded by explosions, flames and a wreck of San Francisco -- while something (missiles or the soldiers from the trailer?) falls from the skies above.

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The use of San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid is a nice touch -- we know that that building has 48 floors, and Godzilla looks to be at least twice as tall, so … just how big is he? And, more importantly for those who will have to clean up after him, how big of a mess will he make as he rampages through the city?

Click here to see the full size poster. 

Godzilla will be released May 16. It may be time for residents of San Francisco to start thinking about moving out of the city.