New 'Hercules' Trailer Reintroduces the Legend (Video)

Dwayne Johnson has to fight gods, armies and monsters in the second trailer from this summer's Brett Ratner-directed fantasy epic.

As the new trailer for Brett Ratner’s Hercules tells its titular lead, “We all know your legend.” But just in case we don’t, the second sneak peek at the summer movie reintroduced the epic hero, as played by Dwayne Johnson.

Speeding through the good times of Hercules as much-loved family man to get to the tragic motivation behind the movie (with John Hurt helpfully providing expository dialogue that reads, “The gods that killed your family have unleashed hell on Earth,” just in case you missed it), the trailer offers glimpses of some of the trials lying ahead for the son of Zeus.

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“Take revenge for your family, save these people — and restore order to this world,” exhorts Ian McShane at one point, again helpfully laying out the stakes for Johnson’s character as we see scenes of monsters, armies and various other trouble lying ahead as he tries to complete his various missions. It’s all very slick, but also looks — dare we say it? — fun. Somewhere, Ray Harryhausen is smiling at the potential of this movie.

Hercules hits theaters July 25.