New 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer Puts Mila Kunis Front and Center

'Hunger Games' in space

A new trailer for Jupiter Ascending reveals the secret history of humanity — and also offers a very different way of viewing Andy and Lana Wachowski’s space fantasy.

Compared with earlier trailers for the movie — which was moved to a February 2015 release just weeks ahead of its original July release date — the brand-new spot places more emphasis on Mila Kunis’s character as an active participant in the story, as opposed to someone to be rescued by Channing Tatum and Sean Bean.

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In fact, what’s notable is that the version of Jupiter Ascending seen in this trailer is one in which Kunis’ character is empowered and central to events, rather than the damsel in distress seen in earlier versions. As judged by this preview, Jupiter Ascending will be The Hunger Games in space. Doesn't that just seem like a more fun movie than what was originally advertised?

Jupiter Ascending will be in theaters Feb. 6 2015.

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