New 'Kick-Ass,' 'Hit Girl' Comics to Launch From Image Comics

Kevin Smith will write the second storyline for the 'Hit Girl' series.
Courtesy of Mark Millar
Kevin Smith will write the second storyline for the 'Hit Girl' series.

Not content with a new comic book series with Netflix, Mark Millar is reviving two of his earliest creator-owned characters for new series with Image Comics, but there's a twist: One of the new series will feature rotating all-star writers and artists, with Kevin Smith already scheduled to follow Millar as writer.

Both Kick-Ass and Hit Girl will be ongoing monthly titles, with Millar and franchise co-creator John Romita Jr. working on Kick-Ass — which sees a new character take over the costumed identity — while Millar and artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz launch Hit Girl before handing the title off to different creative teams.

"I’m being followed by someone better by the name of Kevin Smith, and his idea is just so unique," Millar told ComicBook.com about the series, which sees the character travel the world to serve justice in her own, violent, way. "[My story] takes place in Colombia, his in L.A., and every arc will be in a different country."

Future creators on the series will include 100 Bullets artist Eduardo Risso and American Vampire's Rafael Albuquerque, Millar teased. "There’s an Asian artist I’m in love with call Kim Jung Gi, and he’s doing a big arc. It’s very high end. We’re spending a lot of money and just hiring people [I’m] obsessed with."

Both series — which, along with Kingsman, were excluded from Millar's deal with Netflix due to existing rights issues — will launch in February 2018.