New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer Offers Some Story to Match Amazing Visuals

"Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!"

"Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!"

The latest trailer for Max Max: Fury Road serves up more of the visual spectacle that's been presented in earlier glimpses, but also provides more of a narrative structure for the movie — including suggesting just what Charlize Theron is doing in the movie in the first place.

That's not to say that it lacks in terms of over-the-top stunts and eye-catching moments — what other movie this summer will have someone playing a guitar that doubles as a flamethrower on top of a truck filled with amplifiers, after all? Instead, the latest trailer merely makes it seem as if director/co-writer George Miller has managed to turn every single element of the movie up to 11.

Tom Hardy plays the eponymous postapocalyptic hero, appearing alongside Theron, Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Keays-Byrne.

The movie will explode into theaters May 15.

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