New 'Mad Max' Trailer Recounts Mel Gibson's Road Warrior History

The "Legacy" trailer gives a potted history of the franchise.

When movie franchises get relaunched, it's not uncommon for them to start over altogether and ignore what's come before. A new international trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, however, does just the opposite.

The "Legacy" trailer gives a potted history of the franchise, made up of clips from the 1979 original starring Mel Gibson, as well as 1981's Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and 1985's Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (All three directed by Fury Road's George Miller, although he shared the last of the three with George Ogilvie).

That doesn't mean that it's merely a retrospective, however, as the captions explain, "all the power… all the chaos… all the madness… has led to now," with the last 30 seconds of the trailer showcasing Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy and the sheer spectacle of what is likely to be this summer's most over-the-top blockbuster.

Mad Max: Fury Road, also featuring Nicolas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz and Hugh Keays-Byrne, will be released May 15.