New 'Marvel's Avengers' Gameplay Footage Rocks Comic-Con

Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk are all playable in the upcoming game focused on the events of A-Day, a catastrophic event set in San Francisco.

After first assembling their version of Marvel's mightiest heroes in June at E3, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics debuted new gameplay footage from their upcoming Marvel's Avengers action-adventure game on Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con.

During a panel hosted by Kinda Funny's Greg Miller, Crystal Dynamics creative director and Marvel's Avengers director Shaun Escayg, Escayg told the audience that players will be able to customize play style and experience a new, unique story, before showing off gameplay from the upcoming title that featured Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk in action (all playable) as they battled against a new threat in San Francisco.

The new game focuses on the Avengers following the events of A-Day, a catastrophic event in San Francisco which was pinned on the heroes by nefarious plotters, and the demo began with Thor using his hammer to fight through a wave of enemies. Next, Iron Man took to the skies to chase down some skyborne baddies and weave through destruction on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The focus then shifted to Hulk who, as one would expect, showed off the game's melee combat, utilizing massive jumps and ground-shaking slams and ripping through large swaths of armored enemies as he made his way across the same crumbling bridge.

A much different form of combat came next by way of Captain America, as the hero tossed his shield to clear out a room of soldiers aboard an airship. Threaded throughout the gameplay was a narrative that saw the Avengers bickering and infighting. Finally, control was passed onto Black Widow, who squared off against Marvel supervillain Taskmaster in the demo's boss fight. The battle was an extensive minute-long adventure that swapped from air combat to melee fighting across an impressively chaotic set piece.

The demo ended with Black Widow defeating Taskmaster, but the victory was short-lived as Cap seemingly perished in an airship crash and the city sustained massive casualties, with the Avengers apparently being framed as the culprits.

"This is just the setup for a much longer journey you'll take," Escayg said. "This is just the tip of the iceberg." He then described the gameplay, which will feature both a main narrative as well as a multiplayer online mode which will allow players to customize their own heroes and take on challenges alongside other players.

Escayg told The Hollywood Reporter in June that the game is "our spin on the Avengers," and thus the familiar characters have different looks and slightly different personalities and histories from their more famous film counterparts. 

At the top of the panel, Ryan Payton, founder of Camouflaj Games, took the stage to disclose new details about the upcoming Playstation VR game Iron Man VR. "There's nothing more perfect for VR than Iron Man," he told the crowd.

Payton then displayed new open-world gameplay footage from the upcoming game, showing Iron Man's suit in action. "What is the number one thing you want to do when you put on that Iron Man headset? You want to fly. And they nailed it," Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann said.