New 'Mortdecai' Trailer: Johnny Depp Introduces the Cast, Dials Up the Madcap

Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan Macgregor set the stage for January's art-heist comedy

What’s at stake in Mortdecai, Johnny Depp’s upcoming action comedy adaptation of an obscure 1970s novel series? Countless lives, apparently — and all because the sale of a famous painting will be used to fund terrorist activities. That said, Depp’s vainglorious art dealer needs more motivation than that to spring into action, as seen in the latest trailer for the movie.

Depp’s character introduces the main players in the new trailer, premiered on Yahoo! Movies, including his wife (as played by Gwyneth Paltrow) and Jock, his right-hand man (Paul Bettany). He also reveals his hidden shame. “I am also on the verge of bankruptcy,” he explains, “and therefore need a fiendishly clever plan to secure our reward.” Admittedly, that plan might not be exactly what a good guy would do, but Charlie Mortdecai isn’t necessarily a good guy per se…

Also making appearances in the glimpse at David Koepp’s adaptation of Kyril Bonfiglioi’s series starring the charming rogue are Ewan Macgregor and Olivia Munn (The movie also features Aubrey Plaza, Jeff Goldblum and Oliver Platt). Mortdecai is scheduled for release Jan. 23, 2015.

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