'New Mutants' Director Shares Screenplay Progress of 'X-Men' Spinoff

Spoilers: It's a little hard to read.
Bob McLeod/Marvel Entertainment
Spoilers: It's a little hard to read.

Progress on Fox's New Mutants spinoff of its X-Men movies is moving at a fast pace — so much so that director Josh Boone has shared some of the script on social media. Just not in the way fans might want.

Boone, who's co-writing the screenplay for the project with Knate Gwaltney, shared a picture on Instagram showing the script to date — literally: all that can be seen is a pile of pages stacked on the ground, with no text on the top page legible. The caption reads "Not done yet but we have a lot of pages," with the dual hashtags #X-Men and #NewMutants. (See below.)

Boone's involvement with the project was announced in May, with the project — to be produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Fantastic Four's Simon Kinberg — officially unscheduled, but expected to be slotted into the July 2018 release slot officially held by an untitled X-Men-related feature.

New Mutants, which originally launched with 1982's Marvel Graphic Novel No. 4 by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, is a fan-favorite spinoff of Marvel's main X-Men series that focuses on the students of Professor Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. In total, there have been three comic book series with the title throughout the last three decades.


#X-Men #NewMutants not done yet but we have a lot of pages

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