New 'Need for Speed' Trailer: Aaron Paul Hatches a Plan for Payback (Video)

The latest look at the DreamWorks video game adaptation features lots of high-speed racing, fiery crashes and cars spinning out of control.

Aaron Paul is out to get revenge on the man who set him up in the first full trailer for DreamWorks' Need for Speed movie.

In the latest look at the film, based on the video game of the same name, Paul's character, Tobey, is shown getting out of prison, preoccupied with the past.

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"I spent two years thinking about one moment. He set me up. He just left him there. That's what I can't forgive," Tobey says in a voiceover that plays over scenes of a race, Tobey walking up to a fiery wreck and screaming and a shot of the movie's villain, played by Dominic Cooper, behind the wheel.

After reuniting with his friends, Tobey hatches a plan to put Cooper's character "away for life." Tobey's friends, including Kid Cudi, are shown souping up a car to make him pay.

But Tobey's rival gets wind of his plan and offers $6 million "to anyone who puts a stop to him."

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The race-heavy trailer features lots of high-speed driving, fiery crashes and cars spinning out of control. At one point, Tobey even attaches his car to a helicopter so he can survive driving off a cliff. Viewers also get a glimpse of Michael Keaton's character.

Need for Speed hits theaters March 14.