New 'Rai' Trailer Shows the Future of the Valiant Superhero Universe (Video)

Publisher releases a trailer for the April-launching series that takes the universe 20 centuries into tomorrow.
Clayton Crain/Valiant Entertainment

Twenty centuries from now, Japan has ascended above a ravaged Earth thanks to an artificial intelligence known only as “Father.” If this sounds like a recipe for disaster, you might want to pick up Valiant Entertainment’s new series Rai to see how bad things can get.

Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain are responsible for next month’s revival of the fan-favorite 1990s series about the sole guardian of humanity in the far-future Japan, which also launches the publisher’s new Valiant First promotional push to launch and release a new first issue each month throughout the summer.

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Rai will be released in two versions — a regular edition, and a “Plus” edition featuring more than 15 pages of new material that will not be included in the collected edition. To mark the occasion, Valiant has released a trailer for the new series, which gives an idea not only of the concept behind the series, but also of what to expect from Crain’s painted artwork.

Rai #1 will be released in comic stores and digitally April 30.