New 'RoboCop' Trailer Debuts: Attack of the Drones (Video)

The remake, starring Joel Kinnaman, hits theaters on Feb. 12, 2014.

The latest look at the Robocop remake begins with a scene-setting intro by Samuel L. Jackson, who plays a TV host in the film. 

"What if I told you that even the worst neighborhood in America could be made completely safe," he says. "How do I know this, because it's happening right now in every country in the world but this one. … So then tell me, why can't we use these machines here at home?"

He also adds: "Why is America so robophobic?"

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The movie, directed by Jose Padilha, also features Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton.

While speaking at a Comic-Con panel in July, Padilha said that the changing attitudes toward drone warfare influenced the making of the title. 

"We are more and more in a country where Robocop is relevant. You will see robots in wars," he stated. "The first film saw it way back then. Now we have more knowledge and we know it's coming true. First we are going to use machines abroad, then we are going to use machines at home."

The Sony and MGM movie will make its way to the big screen on Feb. 12, 2014.

  • THR Staff