New 'Sin City' Trailer Showcases Dames to Kill For (Video)

The first trailer for the sequel to Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's comic book noir reveals Eva Green, Jessica Alba and Jamie Chung to be far deadlier than the male.

The first trailer for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's second visit to Sin City has been released, showing a beaten Joseph Gordon-Levitt, dancing (and glowing) Jessica Alba and deadly Eva Green. What else would you expect from a movie subtitled A Dame to Kill For?

The sequel to 2005's Sin City takes place before the first movie, allowing Mickey Rourke's Marv a chance to grimace some more in "Just Another Saturday Night" and "A Dame to Kill For," two of the multiple episodes in the movie. While those two stories, and Alba's "The Fat Loss," are adapted from existing Sin City comics by Miller, Gordon-Levitt's "The Long, Bad Night" was one of two stories written especially for the movie.

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will be released in theaters August 22.