New 'Skyfall' Trailer Features James Bond, Resurrected (Video)

UPDATE: The latest international spot for the next 007 features the super spy on the comeback trail -- and more determined and dangerous than ever.

It's a theme quite fitting for the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise: you can knock 007 down, but never out.

Daniel Craig returns for his third turn as the British secret agent in this new, original Bond story from director Sam Mendes. After mixed returns on the rushed Quantum of Solace, the series is advertising a rebirth for its hero and vitality, in the film and with fans.

Packed with plot details, the Skyfall trailer reveals that M, played by Judi Dench, made the decision to take out her Double-Oh program's agents, but was unable to take down the super-suave Mr. Bond. After a period of living it up in death, Bond returns, to a shaken MI6 foundation and a new source of villainous treachery in Javier Bardem, who with his blond wave may have finally topped the terrible coif that he wore in his Oscar-winning turn in No Country for Old Men.

VIDEO: Skyfall TV Spot Debuts During the Olympics

Meanwhile, speaking of hair, the new Q, Ben Whishaw, looks like he designs guns in between recording sessions with his pop-punk band.

The company is not quite the Queen of England, but they may just help Craig deliver an action masterpiece.

You can view the domestic trailer below.