New 'Star Wars' Canon Started Earlier Than Fans Knew

Star Wars Insider 150 Cover - P 2014
<p>Star Wars Insider 150 Cover - P 2014</p>   |   Lucasfilm/Titan Magazines
The new all-inclusive attitude toward the "expanded universe" of George Lucas' creation began even before Lucasfilm's official announcement, it's been revealed.

The new Star Wars expanded canon started earlier than anyone had expected, it turns out, with the latest issue of official magazine Star Wars Insider revealing that it has been running new canon material since before Lucasfilm redefined the role of ancillary material in the fictional universe.

According to an announcement made in Star Wars Insider No. 150, all fiction contained within the magazine will be part of the new Star Wars canon, as suggested by the April announcement from Lucasfilm. The surprise is that the shift to official canon status started with the previous issue, released days before Lucasfilm announced the new attitude toward spinoff material and continuity.

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This means that Blade Squadron, the two-part story that's running in Nos. 149-150 of Insider has the dubious distinction of being the first New Canon material published, ahead of the new prose line launching in September and the as-yet-undated Marvel comic line.

Star Wars Insider No. 150 will be officially released June 10. No. 149 is already available.

[Via Star Wars Underground.]