New 'Suicide Squad' Site Invites Fans to Dig Into the DC Universe's Secret Files

SUICIDE SQUAD 11 Margot Robbie Still H 2016
Warner Bros.
The film hits Digital HD Nov. 15.

The DC Extended Universe is bringing out the top secret files again.

A new viral marketing site for Suicide Squad launched Monday, with http://www.argus-gov.com/ showing three folders (Project X, Metahumans and The Joker). So far, there's not a lot of information, with the Joker's information is all redacted (except for his nickname, The Clown Prince of Crime), but there's the promise of more files to be made available in the future — presumably as we near the home entertainment release of Suicide Squad.

Top secret files have been a key feature of the DCEU, with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) learning of members of the Justice League via security footage in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And in the final moments of Suicide Squad, he was able to leverage Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) into giving up more top secret information about the metahumans operating on Earth.

Suicide Squad which will be available on Digital HD Nov. 15 and Blu-ray Dec. 13, with Warner Bros. announcing an extended cut for the film last week. 

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