New 'Supergirl' Digital Comic to Tie In With CBS Show

The weekly 'Adventures of Supergirl' will run for 13 weeks beginning in January.
The CW

DC Entertainment is getting back into the Supergirl business — with a twist.

Following the success of CBS' Supergirl, the Burbank-based comic book publisher will launch a new digital Adventures of Supergirl comic series, to be released every Monday — coincidentally, the same day the show airs on television — for 13 weeks, starting in January.

The series will be written by Sterling Gates, who's no stranger to the girl of steel, having written the character for a critically acclaimed run from 2008 through 2011. Art will come from a variety of different artists, including Emma Vieceli and Emanuela Lupacchino, who draw the final issues of the character's previous comic book series, which finished earlier this year. Art for the initial chapters will come from Batgirl artist Bengal.

The new Supergirl announcement follows similar series for The Flash and Arrow, but unlike those earlier projects, Supergirl won't receive a single-issue print edition. Instead, the entire 13-chapter series will debut in print as a collected edition in the second half of the year.

Adventures of Supergirl will be available through digital platforms Jan. 25, 2016. The show returns to CBS Jan. 4.

This story was initially reported by IGN.