New 'Teen Titans Go!' Comic Launches in December (Exclusive)

Teen Titans Go! Cover - P 2013
<p>Teen Titans Go! Cover - P 2013</p>   |   Dan Hipp/DC Entertainment
DC to release a monthly digital comic based on the popular Cartoon Network series.

Clearly, television isn't enough for Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven or Beast Boy. Following their triumphant return to Cartoon Network with the new Teen Titans Go! series -- airing Saturdays as part of the network's DC Nation programming block -- the Titans are heading back to comics with a new digital series written by some of the people responsible for the show.

Unlike the previous animated incarnation of the Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go! -- both the television series and new comic book -- is "more [about] the interaction between the characters," says Merrill Hagan, who will alternate writing duties with Sholly Fisch. "The characters have been so amped up and their personalities are a little bit more extreme than before. Robin has always been a perfectionist, but in Teen Titans Go, you can see the psychological cracks in that make up and that he's kind of overly perfectionist."

Both writers say that the tone of the Teen Titans Go! comic book -- which will be released monthly digitally, with a print edition reprinting two digital adventures per issue following on a bi-monthly schedule -- will match that of the cartoon, and show even more of what the team gets up to when they're not fighting bad guys and saving the world.

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The aim, said Fisch, is to create something that works for everyone, no matter what age they might be. "You need to write it at a couple different levels simultaneously, so there's something to appeal to the adults who're watching, but something that'll appeal to the kids who are watching too," he explained. "They both end up laughing but not necessarily laughing at the same joke." Hagan likened the property to two other successful Cartoon Network shows. "Like Adventure Time or Regular Show, funny is funny," he said. "We're not trying to dumb it down for kids."

Like DC's last digital comics launch Batman 66 -- again, based on the television property -- Teen Titans Go!'s digital release will use the DC2 interactive technology to offer something beyond the traditional static page of artwork, something Hagan called "really exciting": "You want to push it as far as you can," he said. "It feels as if we're tapped into something new, and that's kind of where these characters should be."

Illustrated by Ben Bates and Jorge Corona, Teen Titans Go! will launch this December. Take a look at the cover for the first issue, below.