New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Trailer Reveals More Plot Points

Robot Shredder? Dead Splinter? The latest trailer for Jonathan Liebesman's reboot of the cult franchise drops more teases of what's in store.

For those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans who've been itching to know a little bit more about the tone and plot of Jonathan Liebesman’s movie reboot of the franchise before deciding whether or not they were on board or not, the new trailer will probably be a tipping point one way or another.

For example, the idea that Shredder is apparently a “robot samurai” — at least according to Will Arnett’s Vernon Fenwick — is a change to the traditional mythos, as is the seeming death of Splinter (although that could simply be a trailer tease, and not something that actually happens in the movie itself).

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On the other hand, the trailer also shows off some of the Turtles’ individual personalities and niche interests and ensures that there’s an appropriate focus on “extreme sports”-related action in the movie that would be anachronistic if it weren’t for the fact that such things tend to be of minor concern in movies about giant talking turtles with martial arts prowess.

The new trailer certainly demonstrates what to expect from the movie, hitting theaters Aug. 8. Whether or not it’ll be what the fans are looking for is another question.