New 'Tomorrowland' Trailer Debuts: Alternate Realities and Evil Hugh Laurie

"Who are you, kid?"

The world of tomorrow is already here.

The second trailer for Tomorrowland reveals more about what George Clooney's character calls "a secret place… where nothing is impossible," teasing out not only Casey's (Britt Robertson) discovery of the eponymous alternate reality, but also her relationship with Clooney's Frank, a boy genius who grew up to become a bitter old man. You might never look at bathtubs the same way again.

In addition to Clooney and Robertson, the movie also features Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw and Keegan-Michael Key.

Directed by Brad Bird from a store by Bird, Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen, Tomorrowland will be released on May 22.