New Writer Talks What Will Change in 'Batwoman'

Marc Andreyko, the newly installed writer on DC's "Batwoman," has given an interview about the new tone he'll bring to the book -- and whether or not the character's fiancee will stay in the series.
JH Williams/DC Entertainment

Just weeks after it was announced that Marc Andreyko will be taking over DC Entertainment's Batwoman monthly comic series following the high-profile resignation of previous writers J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman, the new writer has spoken about his plans for the series -- and how he'll change about the book's tone.

"I'd like to see a bit more lightness in the book. I think the book has been a very heavy, very serious book almost since its inception," Andreyko told Comic Book Resources in a new interview about the series. "Gotham City is such a dark place to begin with that if there aren't moments of lightness, the darkness can be really overwhelming. … If you don't have moments of lightness, the moments of darkness become white noise."

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He also plans to bring Batwoman closer to the other Batman characters, suggesting that it'll be an organic change for the series. "She's named 'Batwoman,' she lives in Gotham City, so I don't think there's going to be any sort of struggle to integrate her more fully in the Batman world," he said. "It's such a rich mine of storytelling gold to be able to interact with those characters and expand Batwoman's universe a little."

If that sounds like there may be a shift in the book's subject matter, Andreyko admits as much. "I kind of want to start fresh for me, in a sense," he said. "Start with some new storylines and eventually deal with some of the leftover stuff." To that end, the D.E.O. element of the series will be pushed to the background for awhile, he said, in order to "make the book feel new so that new readers can pick it up and feel like they're jumping onto a new chapter in an adventure."

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And for those who are worried about the fate of Maggie Sawyer, Batwoman's fiancee, in the light of commentary about whether or not Batman characters deserve happy personal lives and talk of starting over -- don't be. According to Andreyko, she's not going anywhere. "I think the Kate and Maggie relationship is going to be really, really fascinating because having your main character in a committed relationship is something I've not written on a regular basis," he said. "Making the relationship that's day-in-and-day-out compelling and interesting and real is going to be a lot of fun and a great challenge."

Andreyko takes over Batwoman with November's 25th issue.