New 'X-Men' Movie Promo Addresses JFK Assassination

X-Men: Days of Future Past one sheet - P 2013
Fifty years later, Fox has revealed Kennedy's real killer: Magneto.

Who killed JFK? The answer may surprise you -- especially if you lived in the fictional universe of Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is tying into last week's 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination with a promotional piece suggesting that, shh, maybe it was those darn mutants.

The article, called "The Bent Bullet" -- written by one Harper Simmons, a journalist who has made appearances in the Uncanny X-Force comic series -- comes right out and states it in its opening: Kennedy was killed by none other than Erik Lensherr, AKA Magneto, longtime X-Men villain.

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Specifically, the article suggests, Magneto redirected one of Lee Harvey Oswald's bullets. "There was no second gunman on the grassy knoll that day, as some conspiracy theorists believe," it reveals. "There was only Lehnsherr, trying to bend the bullet."

Except, it turns out, things may not be that clear-cut. Later in the article, Lehnsherr denies responsibility, saying that he knows who did it, but "you'll never find her. She has a way of hiding in plain sight." The idea that the shape-changing Mystique is responsible for a political assassination is, at least, in keeping with the original "Days of Future Past" comic book storyline -- although, in the original story, she failed to kill her target.

Exactly how the death of JFK factors into next year's X-Men movie remains to be seen, particularly since the bulk of it apparently takes place in the 1970s, years after the events described on the Bent Bullet site. But then again, it is a time travel movie. Could Kennedy end up alive in the mutantverse a half-century after his real-life death?