New York Comic Con: Lex Luthor Provides Attendees With Free Wifi

Jesse Eisenberg  - H 2015
Courtesy of Warner Bros.
'Batman v Superman' villain buys fan approval with access to the Internet.

Lex Luthor really is a true humanitarian, judging by the latest in a seeming series of viral promotions for next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. How else can you explain the fact that the fictional supervillain's corporation is providing free Internet access to attendees of this weekend's New York Comic Con?

The unexpected crossover between fantasy and reality comes via the FAQ page of the official NYCC site, which answers the question "Is There Wifi In The Javits [Center]?" with "Yes. Free WiFi throughout the Javits Center will be provided by LexCorp Industries," referencing the business entity fronted by the Superman villain since the mid-1980s.

The response continues, "LexCorp unites humanity through technology. We believe in technology as a means of communication, unification and a source of inspiration. To access the WiFi on-site at the Javits Center, connect to the 'LexCorp' network from the list of available networks. You will automatically be redirected to the LexCorp WiFi login page where you can enter your email address and click "CONNECT" to gain access to the network. LexCorp — together, we can build a better world."

The announcement follows a profile in Fortune earlier this week in which Luthor was portrayed as a charismatic, if somewhat mysterious and paranoid, business leader — a profile accompanied by a portrait of Jesse Eisenberg playing the character in next year's follow-up to Man of Steel.

Batman v Superman is scheduled for release Mar. 25, 2016. New York Comic Con runs Oct. 8 through 11 at the Javits Center; supervillain access to your Internet available separately, it appears.