'Warm Bodies' Ebook Prequel Timed to Movie's Release

The New Hunger Isaac Marion Cover - P 2013
<p>The New Hunger Isaac Marion Cover - P 2013</p>
The author of the post-apocalyptic zombie love story has a new 140-page novella that gives fans the opportunity to see what came before the original, undead romance.

Isaac Marion’Warm Bodies prequel The New Hunger is getting an ebook release to coincide with the release of the movie, which stars Nicholas Hoult,Teresa Palmer and Analeigh Tipton.

Warm Bodies opens nationwide Feb. 1.

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The New Hunger explores the back story and the inner turmoil of the characters in Warm Bodies, including Julie, Julie’s future best friend, Nora, and her brother Addis, as well as the introspective zombie, known as ‘R.’

The prequel begins when the corpses of those who have succumbed to the apocalypse are coming back to life. Julie, who is now twelve, travels with her family, trying to locate other survivors and seek out permanent shelter from the ever-present zombie threat. 

Nora and Addis are orphaned and, like Julie, trying to safely traverse across a North American wasteland to find a safe haven amongst the small group of humans that still remain.

‘R’ is also on a journey, expect he is not sure what for. He wakes up in the woods, unable to remember who he is, or why he is alive. The only thing he is certain of is that he is very hungry. As the story progresses, ‘R’ attempts to piece together his previous existence, a time before his diet consisted of things besides human flesh. 

The Library Journal says Marion’s new novella “is certain to captivate fans of his original rom-zom-com masterpiece, as well as zombie aficionados in general.”

The New Hunger is now available as an eBook, exclusively at ZolaBooks.com.