How 'Nils' Graphic Novel Pits Nature Against Technology

Nils The Tree of Life - Publicity - H 2020
Antoine Carrion/Magnetic Press
The project marks the relaunch of international publishing house Magnetic Press.

Made of mythology and metaphor, the new Magnetic Press graphic novel Nils: The Tree of Life brings the conflict between technology and nature to life in an unexpected, beautiful manner, and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive look inside the book ahead of its release at the end of the month.

The product of creators Jerome Hamon and Antoine Carrion, Nils follows the titular hero and his father in a dark fantasy world where the forces of nature and being overwhelmed by the technological elements of the neighboring Cyan Nation. As Nils discovers the true intent of the Cyan Nation — and the threat it poses to the land around him — the question becomes whether he will be able to make a difference in a conflict between the artificial and the (super)natural.

Nils marks the return of Magnetic Press as a full-service publisher after three years of existing as a subsidiary of Lion Forge Comics under the name “The Magnetic Collection.” Once again headed up by founder Mike Kennedy, the revived Magnetic Press — which remains owned and operated under Polarity, the parent company of Lion Forge Comics and sibling company Oni Press — has a number of titles planned for this year, continuing its mission of presenting international comics to the English-language market.

Beyond Nils, titles scheduled for 2020 include Paris 2119 by Zep and Dominique Bertail; Gunland by Captain Artiglio; and further volumes of current series including Infinity 8 by Lewis Trondheim.

Nils: The Tree of Life is set to be released Jan. 29 in comic book stores. Below, enjoy an extended preview of the graphic novel.