'Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe': Watch the Teaser That Heralds New Digital Division For Valiant

Valiant Ninjak - Valiant Entertainment/Bat In The Sun - Publicity -  P 2016
Courtesy of Valiant Entertainment/Bat In The Sun
The series, co-produced with Bat in the Sun Productions, will launch in 2017.

Valiant Entertainment has entered the digital game. At New York Comic Con, Valiant announced Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe, the first web series to be developed and produced by its new arm, Valiant Digital.

The series is directed by Super Power Beat Down creators Aaron and Sean Schoenke, with Joe Harris co-writing with the father-son team, and will see the titular Ninjak — aka Colin King, deadly secret agent for MI-6 — forced to turn against his fellow Valiant heroes after being blackmailed by arch-nemesis Roku. Arrow's Michael Rowe stars as Ninjak, with other castmembers including Jason David Frank, Ciera Foster and former WWE wrestler John Morrison as the immortal Eternal Warrior.

The project marks the debut of Valiant Digital, a new division of Valiant intended to expand the company's brand beyond its current comic book footprint ahead of big-screen projects including Sony's Harbinger and Bloodshot. Future projects from the division are already being teased for coming months.

"We are incredibly excited to finally be sharing the first project from Valiant Digital with the Valiant fanbase, the comic book faithful and a whole new legion of fans who consume pop culture in the digital arena, but have yet to purchase their first Valiant comic," said CCO Dinesh Shamdasani in a statement. "We're bringing the same passion and intensity that helped us produce some of the best comics in the business and coupling that with an incredible, first-class team of filmmakers to create an experience that must be seen to be believed."

Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe will launch in 2017.