No New 'Miracleman' Until 2016, Says Marvel's CCO

"I know that seems a long way away," admits Joe Quesada when talking about the long-awaited conclusion to Neil Gaiman's superhero storyline.
Joe Quesada/Marvel Entertainment

Fans of the original Miracleman run wondering just when they would get a chance to read the conclusion of Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's storyline now that Marvel has the rights to the series finally have something approaching an answer -- it's just that it's not necessarily they answer they'd been hoping for.

"At the moment, from the looks of the calendar I would project Neil and Bucky's new material to see the light of day sometime in 2016," Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada told Comic Book Resources. "I know that it seems like a long way away, but the material is finally going to see the light of day and will remain in print, and I think for that, we can all be grateful."

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Quesada explained that the long delay between the 2009 announcement that Marvel had acquired the rights to the character and the 2014 launch of the reprint series by saying that the publisher "wanted to make sure we did everything right." He said "there were a lot of people who worked on these books over the years, and we wanted to speak to each and every one of them in order to get their input," praising Gaiman's patience during the process.

He also teased future appearances from the character after Gaiman and Buckingham are finished. "As far as I'm concerned, like so many writers and artists who remember the original run and have an incredible affection for the material, I'd love to do some more here and there. Heck, I might even have a surprise up my sleeve somewhere down the line," he said at one point, later on responding to a question about the character appearing in the mainstream Marvel Universe with "If we've proven anything over the years here at Marvel, it's that we can sometimes provide you guys with the most unexpected events. Sometimes all you have to do is read between the lines."

Marvel's Miracleman reprints launch in January 2014.