Noomi Rapace Gets Her 'Prometheus' Introduction in New Promo Clip (Video)

Noomi Rapace Prometheus H 2012
Ridley Scott's "Alien" precursor continues its viral campaign with a tease of Rapace's archaeologist character.

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.

In a continuation of what is the most active and revelatory internet marketing campaign for a film in recent memory, Ridley Scott and Fox have released a new video clip that introduces audiences more thoroughly to Noomi Rapace's character, the archaeologist whose insistence helps propel the story forward.

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Rapace, who first became famous for starring in the three original Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films, worked to master a British accent for the role, which she shows off in her delicate yet unbowed video appeal. The shoot, which spanned three continents, was a physical challenge for the cast, and left Rapace with some inconvenient injuries.

“I was hanging in a harness and thrown around," she tells The Hollywood Reporter in the current cover feature about Scott. "There were so many cuts and bruises, I don’t even remember them. When I finished, my knees were filled with liquid, and I had some nasty thing hanging from my elbow.”

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