'The Nostalgist': First Poster for 'Robopocalypse' Author's Short Film Unveiled (Exclusive)

Nostalgist Poster - H 2014
Daniel H. Wilson talks about the upcoming short, writing with Steven Spielberg looking over his shoulder and why his latest novel is "more personal."

Robopocalypse fans still waiting for the long-gestating Steven Spielberg adaptation can take comfort: author Daniel H. Wilson's other big screen adaptation is almost here.

The Nostalgist, based on Wilson's short story of the same name, premieres at the Palm Springs International Shortfest June 19 at 4 p.m. (See the poster below.)

The film centers on a father and son who live in a futuristic paradise, which turns out not to be all that it seems. When the father's glasses begin to fail, he ventures out into the city – and things take a turn from there.

Wilson, who had previously published non-fiction books, wrote "The Nostalgist" as his first foray into fiction. The project came together when Wilson got a call from a "very enthusiastic" Italian filmmaker, Giacomo Cimini, who wanted to turn his short story into a short.

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"This was my first time dipping my toe into the world of fiction, but it was really flattering that somebody was interested in making a film out of it," Wilson tells THR.

It didn't take long for Wilson's fiction career to take off, with Spielberg boarding a film adaptation of Robopocalypse while Wilson was still writing it.

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Anne Hathaway and Chris Hemsworth were in talks to star, but the project was postponed indefinitely in January 2013

"The Nostalgist shot in London about two weeks before Robopocalypse was supposed to shoot there.  I bought a ticket to go see a film being made, but it ended up being The Nostalgist, not Robopocalypse," Wilson says.

Wilson is still holding out hopes for Spielberg's adaption to hit the big screen, and on Tuesday, released a follow-up novel, Robogenesis.

"I wrote 100 pages of Robocalypse and a week later I was in a room with Steven Spielberg talking about when I can get the pages to DreamWorks. I wrote Robopocalypse with DreamWorks looking over my shoulder," Wilson says. "I had Drew Goddard calling me every now and then saying 'Steven would really like to get those pages.' "

He calls Robogenesis a different process.

"With Robogenesis I had less pressure, and more time to get into the characters and really flesh it out. It's a longer book. It's more personal."

The Nostalgist is from London-based Italian director Giacomo Cimini and producers Pietro Greppi and Tommaso Colognese, with whom he formed Wonder Room Productions. It stars Lambert Wilson, who played the Merovingianin the two sequels to The Matrix, and Samuel Joslin, one of the young actors from The Impossible.

The Nostalgist will be available on www.wearecolony.com later this summer.