'November Criminals' Writer Sam Munson Signs Follow-Up Book Deal

"The War Against the Assholes," a fantasy thriller about a high school senior who gets caught up in a war between magicians in New York's sorcerous underground, will publish in 2015.
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The November Criminals author Sam Munson has signed with Simon & Schuster for The War Against the Assholes, his next book, after a competitive auction.

The story follows Michael Wood, a 17-year-old student at a Catholic high school in Manhattan who becomes involved in a centuries-old war between magicians in New York’s sorcerous underworld when he discovers a mysterious book called The Calendar of Sleights

Joe Monti, the executive editor of Saga, the Simon & Schuster imprint that will publish the book, pitched it like this: “This novel is like imagining a long con worked by Robert Cormier as a grifter.”

The November Criminals, Munson’s debut novel, was a surprise 2010 hit, garnering good sales and positive reviews. (The New York Times described it as “engaging teenage noir…for the stoner pre-­college set" and a bit like The River’s Edge meets Camus.) The story follows a Washington, D.C., high school senior who uses his college application essay to describe his hunt for the killer of a classmate. 

A movie adaptation starring Chloe Moretz is in development. Sacha Gervasi, writer of The Terminal and director of the documentary Anvil!, is attached to direct.

The 30-year-old Munson has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other publications. (He’s also the grandson of Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz.)

Stephen Barbara at Foundry Literary+Media represented Munson on the book deal for The War Against the Assholes. CAA is handling film/TV rights.

Publication is scheduled for mid 2015.