NYCC: Dynamite to Revive 'Magnus,' 'Solar,' 'Turok' and 'Dr. Spektor'

Big-name creators such as Mark Waid and Greg Pak will write the new adventures of the fan-favorite characters, starting in 2014.
Gabriel Hardman/Dynamite Entertainment

After a week of big announcements timed around New York Comic Con, Dynamite Entertainment today revealed that it has partnered with DreamWorks Classics to relaunch some Gold Key Comics favorites. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter; Solar: Man of the Atom; Magnus: Robot Fighter; and Doctor Spektor will appear in a new line of comics next year.

The comics will be written by some well-known names. Batman/Superman and Action Comics' Greg Pak will take on Turok. Frank Barbiere -- a newcomer known for his critically acclaimed Image Comics series Five Ghosts -- will write Solar. G.I. Joe's Fred Van Lente will handle Magnus. And Mark Waid -- who has written almost all of DC and Marvel's major characters at some point in his career -- will revive Doctor Spektor.

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The commercial peak for the Gold Key characters was likely their 1990s revival by Valiant Comics, although they also enjoyed a more recent run from Dark Horse Comics headlined by former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter. Dynamite's CEO and publisher, Nick Barrucci, said that "longtime fans can rest assured -- their beloved heroes are in capable hands," describing the writing collective as a "dream team of creators."

The new line is set to launch in February 2014 and will be available digitally and in comic book stores.