NYCC: IDW Announces New 'Transformers/G.I. Joe' Series

The war between Autobots and Decepticons will grow to encompass both G.I. Joe and Cobra in 2014 in the new IDW monthly series.
Tom Scioli/IDW Publishing

Two of Hasbro's biggest properties will be facing off against each other on a regular basis next year, with IDW Publishing announcing an ongoing Transformers/G.I. Joe comic book series at New York Comic Con. But for those expecting just a series of action scenes with little more to keep readers interested, writer/artist Tom Scioli would like you to know that there's more than meets the eye here.

"This feels like the comic I was born to make," Scioli -- who's best known to mainstream comic fans for his art on Image Comics' Godland series, but has been working on more experimental titles like Satan's Soldier and American Barbarian online. “We’re asking big questions. Is war an inevitable condition of life? What is free will? What is the future of man and machine as the line between them becomes increasingly blurred?"

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Scioli described the events of the series as being the G.I. Joe team's "ultimate test of their training," while the Transformers characters "push the boundaries of what shapes life can take in this infinite universe of ours. Perhaps it will be a machine that teaches us what it is to be human." Heady stuff, but co-writer John Barber promises that the series won't be so ambitious as to scare old-school fans away. "It harkens back to classic comic traditions -- and to the origins of the Transformers and G.I. Joe characters -- but feels constantly, irrepressibly new," he said.

The series is scheduled for a summer 2014 launch, tying in with the 30th anniversary celebrations for the Transformers franchise as a whole.