White House Mashes Up 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' in Nerdiest Presidential Tweet Ever (Photo)

White House Obama Star Trek Star Wars Photo - S 2013
<p>White House Obama Star Trek Star Wars Photo - S 2013</p>   |   @WhiteHouse/Twitter
In response to a social media explosion after the president conflated the two sci-fi franchises, Obama's team tweeted out a photo that doubled down on their geek faux pas.

The Obama administration is now officially the geekiest White House in history.

Friday morning, when President Barack Obama told reporters that he could not make Congress pass his preferred bill to avoid the so-called budget sequestration, he did so by boiling down the complex legislative process to a mixed sci-fi metaphor. The commander in chief said he could not "do a Jedi mind meld with these folks."

STORY: President Obama's 'Star Wars' Confusion Inspires Twitter Nerdout

The problem: He conflated the Star Wars "Jedi mind trick" and Star Trek's "Vulcan mind meld."

Twitter pointed it out immediately, with journalists snarking for hours about the mix-up. Even Star Trek Into Darkness writer Damon Lindelof got in on the action. And to prove its sense of humor -- and cultural relevance -- the White House decided to join in, tweeting out a photo that again combined franchises.

To be fair, Obama did say that he planned to bring America together -- and Trekkies and Star Wars fans are two of the most divided groups of all.