Tom Cruise Discovers Dangerous Secrets in 'Oblivion' Trailer (Video)

Continuing his run of high-wire action films, the megastar ascends to the clouds and digs through the earth in the first look at Joseph Kosinski's high-concept project.

And thus continues Tom Cruise's run as the world's favorite ageless action star.

Just weeks ahead of the release of his next tough-guy film, Jack Reacher, the first trailer for Cruise's next actioner, Oblivion, has hit the web. This film, written and directed by Joseph Kosinski, has Cruise playing Jack Harper, a drone repairman who travels down to an abandoned, war-wrecked Earth to extract precious resources for the new human society built above the clouds. It sounds high concept, but from this first look at the film, it plays like a new installment of Mission: Impossible, with Ethan Hunt still performing high-wire stunts and wasting enemies with giant guns more than half a decade into the future.

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Just weeks from the end of his deployment, Harper journeys into restricted territory and uncovers a secret society of abandoned humans, led by Morgan Freeman. And though his partner, played by Andrea Riseborough, pleads with him not to take any risks, Harper just can't help himself (meeting Olga Kurylenko probably helped sway him).

The film is set to hit IMAX theaters April 13 and all other screens a week later.