'Once Upon a Deadpool' Gets Some Help From Kidnapped Fred Savage

The film is due out Dec. 12.

Fred Savage is helping to bring a PG-13 version of Deadpool to the big screen, but the first trailer for Once Upon A Deadpool shows he is not doing it out of the goodness of his heart. 

In reenacting scenes from The Princess Bride, Savage is being held against his will to help Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool tell a more family-friendly version of his otherwise over-the-top raunchy Marvel character.

Essentially, Once Upon a Deadpool is a re-cut of Deadpool 2, but toned down. It also features new scenes.

The trailer gives a taste of the new footage before Savage gets in some licks of his own, saying that while Deadpool may be a Marvel character, he is not that great. Deadpool, of course, is crushed. 

Once Upon a Deadpool is due out Dec. 12.