'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Deleted Scene Shows Manson Freak Out on Cliff Booth

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Still 12- Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Actor Damon Herriman previously said Quentin Tarantino cut a few Manson moments from the movie before release.

There were more Charles Manson moments shot for Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood — and now they are coming to light thanks to Tuesday's Blu-ray release, which includes a number of deleted scenes from the Quentin Tarantino film.

One of those scenes is an elongated introduction to Charles Manson, played by Damon Herriman in the Sony film.

In the theatrical release, Manson goes to the Hollywood Hills home where Sharon Tate and husband Roman Polanski live, looking for the former resident, music producer Terry Melcher, and his friend, Beach Boys member Dennis Wilson. He is told by Jay Sebring (Emile Hirsch) that the Polanskis live there now and is directed to talk to the home's owner, Paul Barabuta, who lives adjacent to the property. End of scene.

But in the Blu-ray extras, that moment picks up and the audience sees Manson talk to Barabuta, trying to find out where Terry and Dennis moved. Barabuta tells him he has no idea. 

In reality, Manson did go to the Tate home looking for those people; a fledgling musician, Manson tried to make inroads with the Beach Boys to have his music produced.

The best part of the deleted scene is when Manson goes to get back into his (Twinkie) truck to leave, but before doing so, looks up and sees Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) working on the roof of Rick Dalton's (Leonardo DiCaprio) home, trying to fix his TV antenna.

Manson waves at Booth (which is a moment featured in the trailer) and proceeds into a highly animated, gibberish rant before yelling, "Fuck you, Jack!" The actual Manson was known to act erratically and he often went on tangents when he was being interviewed by the press. 

Cliff, completely unfazed, says, "What the fuck was that about?" 

Herriman previously pointed out that Tarantino cut Manson scenes from the movie before release, but he did not go into detail. 

On Monday, Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood was nominated for five Golden Globes: best film, best actor (DiCaprio), best supporting actor (Pitt), best director (Tarantino) and best screenplay (Tarantino).