'Once and Future' Comic Scores Third Printing Before First Edition Released

Once and Future 2nd Print Cover-Publicity-H 2019
Dan Mora/Boom! Studios
Boom! Studios' upcoming Arthurian fantasy offering is set to hits shelves next week.

How can you tell that a comic book is a success? In the case of Boom! Studios’ upcoming Arthurian fantasy adventure Once and Future, it’s the fact that the first issue is headed back to press for a third printing before even the first printing has been released.

Increased demand from comic stores already resulted in the first issue of the new series by The Wicked + The Divine and Star Wars writer Kieron Gillen and Buffy the Vampire Slayer artist Dan Mora going back to press last week, but seemingly that second edition — scheduled to arrive in stores two weeks after the first printing — wasn’t big enough, and has sold out at the distributor level five days after being announced. Hence the new, fast-tracked third printing, which will be in stores a week following the second print.

“We knew Kieron, Dan, Tamra [Bonvillain, series color artist] and the team made something special with Once and Future, but we're floored by how quickly the second printing sold out,” Boom! Studios president of sales and marketing Filip Sablik said in a statement. “Even though we fast-tracked the second printing to get copies in stores quickly, demand exceeded our expectations and we’re going to have to allocate.”

The six-issue Once and Future, announced in February, sees a villain from Arthurian myth return to the world in the modern day, bringing a retired monster hunter and her grandson together as the only two people who can save the day — and Earth.

The success of the first issue, at least in terms of retailer orders, comes following Boom! teaming with retailer software provider ComicHub to directly promote the project to comic store owners.

Once and Future No. 1 will be released digitally and in print Aug. 14, with the second printing due in stores Aug. 28 and the newly announced third printing set for Sept. 4.