New 'Invader Zim' Comics Launching in April

Invader Zim announce - Oni Press Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy of Oni Press
The two projects are based on Jhonen Vasquez's cult character.

In the wake of last year’s Netflix movie Enter the Florpus, the Invader Zim renaissance is fully underway, with Portland, Oregon's Oni Press launching a new quarterly comic book series based on the cult character, along with a new series of collected editions featuring the best comic adventures of the past.

Invader Zim Quarterly will begin in April featuring a story by Eric Trueheart and Aaron Alexovich, launching an extra-length series retailing for $5.99 that will replace Oni’s current Invader Zim monthly, which will end with the 50th issue, written by the character’s creator, Jhonen Vasquez, due out in March.

July will see the debut of a series of Best of Invader Zim collected editions, bringing together stories from Oni’s first Zim series. Invader Zim: Best of World Domination — a $9.99 anthology of four stories featuring Zim’s attempts to take over the planet, each one cruelly foiled by pesky humans who should know better. (The release of this title is timed to Abrams' publication of The Art of Invader Zim hardcover.)

Invader Zim has been a cult character since the 2001 debut of the eponymous series on Nickelodeon. The show ran one year before being revived on Nicktoons in 2006 for a delayed second season. Oni’s first Zim series launched in 2015.