Oni Press Launches 'Draw Out the Vote' Site

Draw Out The Vote - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Oni Press
The webcomic anthology combines personal anecdotes about the importance of voting with information on how to vote in each state in the union.

Independent comic book publisher Oni Press has launched a new initiative to promote voting in the upcoming midterm elections and beyond, titled Draw Out the Vote, with a website that offers state-by-state guides on how to vote from a collection of cartoonists.

The project, put together by Oni senior editor Robin Herrera with support from publisher James Lucas Jones and CFO Joe Nozemack, sees more than 50 creators — one from each state, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia — offer short stories about the importance of voting, with each being accompanied by information about registering to vote and how to vote in each state.

Creators involved include Natalie Riess, Kiku Hughes, Terry Blas, Steenz and Bianca Xunise. The site was built by Rich Stevens and Jason Alderman, with voting law consultant Henry Kraemer assisting the overall project.

More information can be found at DrawOutTheVote.com.