Oni Press Restructures Movie, TV Division (Exclusive)

The Coldest City - P 2015
Courtesy of Oni Press
Closed on Mondays will no longer be the Portland-based publisher's entertainment arm.

Oni Press, the Portland-based comics publisher behind such books as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, is restructuring its screen entertainment division.

The company, run by Joe Nozemack and James Lucas Jones, is untethering Closed on Mondays, its previous production arm presided over by Eric Gitter, and creating Oni Entertainment.

The new banner will now take over responsibilities for pursuing opportunities in Hollywood and beyond, according to Oni, focusing not just movies and television but digital and gaming as well.

"The creator-owned comics industry and its relationship with other media has changed dramatically in the last ten years," said Oni Press president and Oni Entertainment principal Joe Nozemack in a statement. "Expectations have evolved alongside the avenues available and we see a new world of opportunities available to our talented creators and their fantastic books."

Sources say that with Oni being based in Portland and Mondays in Los Angeles, the distance between offices led to creative differences amongst the divisions.

Gitter is expected to relaunch a separate and renamed production company. The film executive will remain involved in certain Oni projects. Among those is Coldest City, the adaptation of Oni’s spy thriller graphic novel that is in preproduction with Charlize Theron and James McAvoy starring.

Oni Entertainment will also be staffed by Oni Press senior editor Charlie Chu and consultant Jason Cunningham.

"Bringing our original, creator-owned comics to other mediums is tricky business and it’s important to know both what works in specific mediums as well as what defines each individual title," said Jones.

"With his current work in Oni Press editorial and his development past in Los Angeles, in Charlie Chu we have someone who is firmly with Team Comics and our creators, while also being able to navigate the evolving landscape of film, TV, online media and beyond. His grasp of story and his intimate familiarity with comics, film, television and gaming culture make him a great comic editor and content producer and we know his talents will only continue to grow with new opportunities."

Scott Pilgrim was adapted into the Edgar Wright-directed 2010 movie that starred Michael Cera. The company’s book The Sixth Gun made it to the pilot stage with Universal Television and exec producer Carlton Cuse. Among the company’s titles is the fantasy Another Castle.

Oni is repped by WME and Brendan P. McFeely at Kane Kessler.