Online Petition for a Solo Loki Movie Tops 11,000 Names

Tom Hiddleston
<p><strong>Tom Hiddleston </strong>returns as Loki in <em>The Avengers.</em> In the film, his character has raised an army, and the only thing standing in his way from world domination is the Avengers.</p> <p><strong><a href="http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/gallery/avengers-premiere-red-carpet-interviews-311639" style="color: rgb(225, 26, 31); text-decoration: none; " target="_blank">VIDEO: &#39;The Avengers&#39; Premiere Red Carpet Interviews</a>&nbsp;</strong></p>
What do we want? More Loki! When do we want it? As soon as this Change.org petition reaches 20,000 signatures, apparently.

Given the response his appearance at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con drew from the Hall H crowd -- and the obvious joy that he has in the role in general -- it's pretty safe to say that everyone wants more of Tom Hiddleston's Loki. In fact, more than 11,000 people have signed a petition demanding that very thing, in the form of a Loki solo movie from Marvel Studios.

"We feel Loki (as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston), due to the astounding following both the character and actor have earned as a result of the Marvel films, more than warrants further exploration of his story," the petition at Change.org states. "We believe such an endeavor would not only be profitable and successful, but provide a larger view for general audiences of the incredibly complex and diverse personality a well-known villain of the Marvel universe is gifted with. To explore this darker side of the Thor storyline would be to give credit to a compelling individual, his remarkable portrayer and an appreciative audience that feels a fierce loyalty to both in an unprecedented way. Simply put: He has an army."

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Worrying threat of a Loki army aside, it'll be interesting to see what Marvel does in response to this petition. Obviously, the idea of a movie studio creating a project in reaction to an Internet petition is fairly ridiculous. But this kind of thing -- or the obvious popularity of Hiddleston's Loki in almost every other corner of fandom -- has to have Marvel wondering just how best to take advantage of the hunger for more Loki.

If the reaction to -- and profits from -- Thor: The Dark World meets or exceeds expectation, could Marvel actually agree to make a Loki movie? And if so, could the Internet survive the news without breaking in two through sheer joy? The only way to find out may be to add your voice to the choir: Go on, sign the petition. What's the worst that could happen?