Orders for 'Amazing Spider-Man' Comic Book Relaunch Top 500,000

The first issue of the revived flagship title has the highest level of initial orders of any comic book in the U.S. in more than a decade.
Humberto Ramos/Marvel Entertainment

If the (admittedly temporary) death of Peter Parker was a huge deal, it turns out that his return is far, far bigger with Marvel Entertainment revealing that The Amazing Spider-Man #1, the upcoming relaunch of the central Spider-Man series with Parker back in the role, has passed half a million initial orders on the distributor level.

THR has confirmed the estimate the company shared with Comic Book Resources, noting that such an amount would make it the highest initial order amount for a comic in the last decade. In terms of overall orders, only Amazing Spider-Man #583, released in January 2009 and featuring an appearance from Barack Obama, topped that number.

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To put the amount in some context, Amazing Spider-Man #700 -- the issue with Parker’s “death” -- released in December 2012, was the top-selling issue of the month with estimated U.S. orders of around 200,000. February 2014’s top-selling issue, Batman #28, has estimated U.S. orders of 114,089.

“I've been working in comics for over half of my life, and I've never seen fans react as quickly, as crazily, or as passionately about anything I've been a part of more than they have with the death and return of Peter Parker,” Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott told CBR.

Marvel has not released the exact order numbers for Amazing Spider-Man, which aren’t even finalized yet; comic store retailers have until next week to make final decisions about order levels. One thing that may be of interest to fans and retailers alike is the fact that the issue doesn’t actually tell the story of Parker returning to life -- that particular story is unfolding right now in the final issues of Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 will be released later this month in comic stores and digitally.