'Orphan Black,' 'The Godfather' Board Games Planned

The Godfather: Part II
<p>Arguments over which <em>Godfather</em> is greater, the first or second, began as soon as the sequel was released. The first film has the edge among this poll&#39;s respondents, but <em>Part II</em> has die-hard fans as well. &quot;It&#39;s one of those movies,&quot; says producer <strong>Albert Berger</strong>, &quot;that has every element of cinema working at the highest level. And it&#39;s entertaining, and it says something about our country.&quot;</p> <p>See the <a href="http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/person/godfather-part-ii" target="_blank">box office totals, famous quotes and more.</a></p>   |   Paramount Pictures/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection
New card games will feature offers — and clones — you can't refuse.

By now, the idea of creating novels, comic books and video games based on popular movies and TV shows is something we've become used to — but what about board games?

IDW Games has announced new gaming lines based on BBC America's Orphan Black and, somewhat less expectedly, Paramount's The Godfather movie trilogy.

Both lines are set to launch this summer with card games, before extending into big-box tabletop games and, in the case of The Godfather, dice games. July's Orphan Black: The Card Game will allow players to join one of three factions — Proletheans, Neolutionists and Bird Watchers — and attempt to add others to their teams, while details about August's The Godfather Card Game have yet to be released, although IDW promises that it will "truly be an offer The Godfather fans can't refuse."

IDW Games launched in 2014 as an expansion of IDW Publishing, a comic book company that has found great success with licensed material (It publishes the Orphan Black comic book, for example, with its first issue becoming the highest-selling comic of last month). In addition to these two new lines, the company has released a game based on The X-Files, also a property published by its comic book side.

In a statement accompanying the announcement of the Godfather game series, IDW's director of business development Jerry Bennington described Francis Ford Coppola's series as "more than a movie, it's an icon." Given the connections between the game and comic divisions, perhaps the question that should be asked is whether or not it's an icon that could find itself expanded into comic book form.

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