'Orphan Black' Comic Book Series to Explore What Would Happen If Beth Lived (Exclusive)

Orphan Black Deviations cover- Cat Staggs - IDW Publishing - P 2016
Courtesy of Cat Staggs/IDW Publishing
It comes as the acclaimed TV series prepares to air its fifth and final season.

Clone Club is about to get its world changed. 

In advance of the fifth and final season of BBC America's Orphan Black, IDW has partnered with Boat Rocker Media to create Orphan Black: Deviations, a comic book series that begs the question, "What if Beth hadn't committed suicide?"

The six-issue series Orphan Black: Deviations is part of publisher IDW's "Deviations" line, in which familiar stories are given a makeover when one significant event in their mythology is altered. Orphan Black: Deviations features an alternate reality where Sarah Manning didn't witness Beth's suicide in the pilot episode, but instead prevented it from happening. In the TV show, the suicide was the catalyst for the entire series, leading to Sarah's revelation that she is a clone.

Written by Heli Kennedy, with art by Wayne Nichols, Orphan Black: Deviations is, itself, a deviation from the rest of the IDW event; while the four other titles released as part of the event are one-off glimpses into roads less traveled, the Orphan Black entry will be a full series offering the story of what happened to Project LEDA (and the Clone Club) in a world where Sarah didn’t step into Beth's life and make her subsequent discoveries.

The comic comes as the Orphan Black TV series, which was created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, prepares to air its final season next year.

Orphan Black: Deviations launches in March 2017 with a 40-page first issue.