'Orthodox' Filmmaker David Leon Plans Feature Version Starring Stephen Graham

LONDON – Award-winning British short filmmaker David Leon will expand his short film Orthodox, starring This Is England's Stephen Graham, into a full-length feature.

Leon, who won the best narrative short nod for Man and Boy at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, will shoot Orthodox for three weeks. It's about a man caught between two worlds, the Orthodox Jewish community and mainstream life.

The backers said around 70 percent of the footage from the original short will feature in the finished movie with all original cast attached alongside Graham including Michael Smiley (Kill List), Christopher Fairbank (Fifth Element) and Giacomo Mancini (Top Boy).

Graham will take an exec producer credit on the feature which will be produced by Daisy Allsop and exec produced by Gareth Wiley (Match Point) via the Zeitgeist Films banner.

Allsop said: "Thanks to the support of our original cast and the positive reaction to the short we are excited to be expanding the film to feature length and watching these characters evolve."

Ingenious Media is backing the production company through its new Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) fund, a U.K. government-backed plan to help small start-up and early stage companies to raise capital by offering a range of attractive tax reliefs.