'The Orville' Starships Collectibles Line Revealed at Comic-Con

Orville Ships Collection -Eaglemoss Hero Collector Publicity -H 2019
Courtesy of Eaglemoss Hero Collector
The Eaglemoss miniatures line will begin in 2020.

Fans of Fox’s The Orville will be able to own the finest ships in the Planetary Union for themselves next year, with it being announced during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel Saturday that Eaglemoss Hero Collector will be releasing a line of models based on the spaceships seen in the show.

The Orville line will follow in the tradition of Eaglemoss Hero Collector’s fan-favorite Star Trek Starships Collection, and launch early next year, it was revealed. Still under wraps is how many models will be released, and of which ships, although of course the eponymous Union starship will have pride of place, as seen in the teaser image released to accompany the announcement,

Ben Robinson, head of Hero Collector, said in a statement, “We are really happy to be adding the Orville to the Hero Collector stable of model ships. It feels like exactly the kind of thing we should be doing since we not only love the show, but love the design of the ship.”

“One of the notes I always give about any spaceship design on The Orville is, ‘It has to be a good toy,’ so I’m very much looking forward to seeing the Eaglemoss Hero Collector line of ships from our show!” added series creator Seth MacFarlane.

More information about the line will be released in the coming months; Eaglemoss Hero Collector is displaying at San Diego Comic-Con at booth #4337.