Oscars: Mark Hamill Introducing Himself to Gal Gadot Was a Classic Nerd Moment

Luke Skywalker, meet Wonder Woman.

One of the most fun moments Sunday at the Oscars for sci-fi and comic book fans happened so fast, it may have been missed. 

While waiting with a small group of awards attendees, which included host Jimmy Kimmel, to drop in on some unsuspecting moviegoers during the Oscars, Mark Hamill introduced himself to Gal Gadot.

The moment was a quick one, but it was thankfully captured on TV, when the two iconic hero actors took a moment to shake hands.

Gadot, of course, blew fans away with her first standalone Wonder Woman film, and Hamill just reprised his role of Skywalker in The Last Jedi, a performance called by fans and critics his best to date. 

Both Hamill and Gadot presented at the awards Sunday night. 

Watch their interaction below: