OSSM Comics to Publish Brian Buccellato's 'Foster'

The conclusion of the creator-owned comic by the writer of DC's "The Flash" and "Detective Comics" will see print for the first time in a new edition by the Santa Monica-based indie publisher.
Noel Tuazon/OSSM Comics

Brian Buccellato has gained a reputation as a writer of fast-paced superhero comics thanks to his work on DC Entertainment’s The Flash and Dynamite’s The Black Bat. This July, he steps away from the superhero genre with the creator-owned graphic novel Foster.

Buccellato calls Foster “such a personal story for me,” describing it as being “about fatherhood and specifically the male need to protect your child from the physical dangers of the world” -- albeit dangers that, in this case, include supernatural creatures and scientists wanting to create twisted monsters.

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Illustrated by Noel Tuazon, the supernatural crime story was originally a miniseries from Dog Year Entertainment that was left unfinished, with only five of its six issues seeing print. Now, the entire story will be collected by independent Santa Monica-based publisher OSSM Comics.

“It’s a major step in the evolution of OSSM Comics for us to publish a writer like Brian Buccellato,” said publisher Omar Spahi. “Now that Foster will be collected in book form for the first time, the readers of his New York Times best-selling work on The Flash with Francis Manapul and their run on Detective Comics will have the chance to discover his edgy, indie, creator-owned work.”

You can learn more about OSSM Comics here.